Sports and Hobbies

The First President extensively propagandizes healthy lifestyle and sports activities through his own example. One of his favourite sports is tennis. Nursultan Nazarbayev is very good at tennis and he walks onto a court regularly. It is remarkable that many politicians and country leaders play tennis. The first president of Russia Boris Yeltsin was a good partner of N.Nazarbayev at his time.

The First President has one more serious interest. It is golf. Elbasy takes part in different international tournaments together with other well-known world politicians and businessmen quite often. Confessedly, the First President tried mounting skiing when he was 55. Ever since, Nursultan Nazarbayev can be seen aslope of Shymbulak and other ski resorts very often.

New sport centers, swimming pools, golf courses and tennis courts are being opened presently in Kazakhstan. All of them serve for the benefit and health of Kazakhstan people. Moreover, mountain skiing tourism becomes more popular in Almaty. Shymbulak Ski Center was upgraded for this purpose; one more new resort will be built there in the nearest future. More and more Kazakhstan people begin going in for sports and pay attention to their health due to the appropriate governmental policy. After all, healthy nation is the main ticket to the success of Kazakhstan.